Seilerhausareal D and E

Seilerhaus Areal D, E

Seilerhaus Areal D, E is located on the Bahnhofstrasse, the main avenue of Zermatt. Close to the train station and the valley station of Gornergratbahn, the destination allows its visitors to walk freely thanks to the car-free zone.

The avenue is full of stores offering endless choices of fantastic souvenirs. Opposite the Villa Margherita, the building houses several famous brands such as Swatch and Lindt. If you want to taste one of the best Swiss chocolates or take away Swiss time… It’s the place to get them!

The interior of the building was renovated in 2019. It houses 15 apartments that are part of the Mont Cervin Palace, the destination’s iconic 5-star hotel. Moreover, if you are looking for a bite, the Molino restaurant is where delicious Italian dishes are concocted. And that’s not all, if you are ready to hike our beautiful Swiss mountains, you can wander between a few stores that will prepare you for an equipped ride in the beautiful landscape of Zermatt.

Property nameSeilerhaus Areal D, E
Property typeSpecial property
Main useHotel operations
AddressBahnhofstrasse 50-52, 3920 Zermatt
Rental area3’232 sqm
Construction year / Renovation1991 / 2019
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